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Why Spinal Problems Often Return

Can’t shake your low back pain? Give us a call.

Chiropractic skeptics often pooh-pooh the idea of periodic chiropractic checkups after symptoms subside with the classic, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” line.

This justification often results in a relapse into the original problem for countless patients.

How come?

Because biomechanical changes along the spine affecting nerves and muscles don’t heal like a cut, infection or some other self-resolving health condition.

Addressing Long Lasting Problems

By the time spinal problems produce obvious symptoms, the problem has been there for some time—maybe even decades. Yet the symptom didn’t emerge until “last week, when I bent down to pick up the paper.”

Thankfully, a chiropractic care plan may produce symptomatic improvement in a matter of months, sometimes weeks. The patient is delighted, but we haven’t completed the retraining of the underlying muscles and soft tissues necessary for lasting spinal changes.

That’s why the original problem is likely to return. It’s hard to know when, but it’s almost always after some major physical, chemical or emotional stress.

“I thought you fixed me,” laments the returning patient.

Granted, there was symptomatic improvement, but without some type of ongoing supportive care, the weakened area remains susceptible to re-injury.

Schedule Your Visit

If that should happen to you, give us a call. You’ll be welcomed back for another episode of care. Your records will already be here, along with our genuine concern for you and your health.

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  1. Joe Buchanan says
    Oct 22, 2018 at 3:18 PM

    Hi Doc Tobey , yes I agree with that , but does that also cure sciatic nerve trouble or is that a pinched nerve that needs to be corrected thru laser surgery or another surgical procedure , it seems stretching does not help and adjusting the back does not seem to help . It almost hurts sometimes since I am not a flexible person , cannot even touch my toes , been that way all my life , swam on swim team since age 8 and would stretch before work out always but nothing on me changed as far as flexibility , what do you think Doc

    • says
      Apr 12, 2019 at 7:57 AM

      Thanks for your question Joe. In your case with nothing really aleviating your pain, it would probably be worth getting an MRI to see what is going on. If the cause of your problem is a ruptured disc, then surgery may be the only thing that gives you the relief you looking for. If it's not ruptured, then even though you may get some discomfort from adjusting, a series of adjustments to restore motion along with exercises to increase range of motion would be in order. Dr T

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