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The Chiropractic Difference

Most people unfamiliar with chiropractic and the supremacy of the nervous system will be surprised by the answers to these everyday questions. In fact, you might want to sit down with someone else and answer these questions together.

Remember, no one is keeping score, so have some fun!

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  1. bart stubblfield says
    Mar 29, 2016 at 7:59 PM

    I have worked with many chiropractors over the years for many various stupid stuff I've done to myself along with things that just happened to me. I can assure you that Dr. Toby is not only knowledgeable in chiropractic care, but.. his experience is invaluable in identifying the unique needs of his patient's. Dr. Toby not only presents himself very well professionally, but equally as well personally. It has been a pleasure having Dr.Toby as a care person. Sincerely, Bart Stubblefield "your direction, NOT your intentions, determines your destination"

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