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More Dr. Michael Tobey Chiropractic Reviews

So worth it!

Dr. Tobey had me walking out of his office feeling much better than when I entered it!
Steve S.

Great Job

My initial care from Dr. Tobey was considerate, professional and well-explained. It also produced a measure of healing I hoped for but did not expect. His staff was kind and organized. Great job.
Kay C.

Welcoming And Friendly!

Loved my overall experience. The staff and Dr. Tobey are extremely welcoming and friendly. Dr. Tobey is personable, professional and highly skilled. Will be highly recommending this office to friends, family and coworkers!
Kristen M.


Wow! Wish I’d discovered Dr.Tobey a long time ago! Smooth, clean, decisive and effective adjustments. Dr.Tobey inspires confidence, not to mention healing.
Susan Z.

Care Needed Given!

I really can hardly believe I was seen almost immediately after the first call and given needed care. Dr. Tobey and the staff show more concern for patients than themselves and that is rare in 2015. Thanks to all of you.
Mary T.

Great Experience

Great experience with both Dr. Tompkins and Mark. Thank you!
Kelli F.


One word exceptional! Thank You Dr. Toby for making me feel so good.
Teresa D.


I could not feel better or more satisfied about my treatment today.
David B.

Look Forward To Working With You!

Thanks I look forward to working with you and your staff to keep me moving in my retirement.
Michele B.


Very informational and helpful! Thank you guys!
Kiel M.

Honesty And Expertise!

Thank you for your honesty and expertise.
Larry D.

Great Care

Thank you for the quick response to get me in and great care!
Kerry H.


Amazing! I was in pain when I visited the office and was told I would be better in 24hrs. It has been less than 24hrs and I’m feeling nearly no pain. I’m on the mend! Thank you!
Michael M.

Great Service

Thank you – great service!
Susie J.


My husband and I just moved to Central Oregon and needed to find a new chiropractor. Dr Tobey was recommended. We have seen many chiropractors over the years and we are thrilled with Dr Tobey! First off, the special massage chairs in his waiting room are outstanding. (We actually arrive early for our appointments so that we can spend some extra time in these chairs!) His staff is fabulous. And he is an outstanding technician. He listened to our background and provided us with a great treatment plan. After just one visit, we walked out of his office feeling better than we had in quite some time! We will be going back every month for maintenance.
Debra T.

Trust His Work

Love Dr. Tobey! I’ve known him for years and I always trust his work .
Wendy K.

Friendly and Helpful

Dr. Tobey was extremely friendly and helpful.
Paul L.

One Of The Best

I’ve been adjusted by a dozen chiropractors all around the globe, Dr. Tobey is one of the best on the planet. Without Dr. Tobey I would be living a completely different life, one of constant pain and virtually no activity. Thank you for making my later years bearable, it is a pleasure knowing you.
Toby A.


Compassionate, caring and a great first impression. I appreciate the time and thoroughness by everyone. Best I’ve seen for any medical practice. Wish others could follow suit.
Donna K.

Fantastic Job

Very friendly and welcoming staff from the moment I walked in. Dr. Tobey did a fantastic job with my chiropractic needs, and offered great recommendations and input. I look forward to my future visits.
Shelby M.

Outcome Priceless

If you are considering chiropractic services I hope you will take a moment to read of my experience with Dr. Tobeys’ services. I have been seeing Dr. Tobey and his staff for over a year. From x rays to full initial consultative services, I have loved the staff, services and outcome of my personalized plan for a better functioning body.

Prior to moving to Bend I was diagnosed with acute bursitis in my hips! A birth defect in my lower back, disc issues and a lifetime of overuse of my back that also caused muscle spasms. I’ve worked with every imaginable medical professional from acupuncturists and a personal yoga trainer to chiropractors, pain management and other specialists…TO NO AVAIL!

After the first few months of treatment at Dr. Tobeys’ office including ongoing consultations, adjustments, deep tissue massage and a personalized exercise program I have never felt better. I weened myself off of 8 years of pain meds.

The deep tissue massage therapist Mark has a talent that tops all others I have worked with by far. I very much enjoy the always warm, smiling welcome from all the staff. They greet people like each person is an old friend. I also like the well thought out alternative supplements that are available.

I have also learned how essential my own participation is to my healing. In the past I have not always been highly disciplined in following certain written instructions from others. When I leave Dr. Tobeys’ office, I am energized and motivated to “move” as he puts it. I enjoy my personalized exercise routine, walking and biking.

Needless to say I highly recommend Dr. Tobey. The cost of the services are very reasonable…the outcome PRICELESS!
Alice H.

Genuine Concern

The receptionist was so sweet and helpful, and Dr. Tobey took the time to show genuine concern and professionalism. Having previously worked at a chiropractic clinic, my standards were set high before my visit, but Dr. Tobeys clinic exceeded all my expectations!
Taylor T.


My first experience with Dr. Tobey and his staff was awesome. They made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Tobey was thorough in his evaluation of my condition and informed me through every step of my treatment. I actually look forward to my next treatment. After seeing other doctors in his field, I have hope with Dr. Tobey. Thank you so much.
Tom L.

Exceeded Expectations

I was very pleased with my first visit to see Dr. Tobey! He took a lot of time to talk with me about where I’m at health-wise and what I am hoping for out of my visits with him. He listened to what I had to say, then shared his input and gave me an adjustment that felt fantastic. I was especially impressed because it seems like these days providers rush through the appointment without actually engaging with you, but not Dr. Tobey. I am so grateful that my coworker recommended I see him. He far exceeded my expectations!

Great Confidence

Thank you Dr. Tobey! You are an exceptional health practitioner and I have great confidence in your treatments, as well as a wonderful comfort level in our communications! I felt much better after the first treatment, and can tell I have more work to do with you. But am now feeling I will be restored to better back health! Good job! Thanks for helping fix me!
Mary M.

Great Experience

I had never been to a Chiropractor before but from start to finish it was a great experience. The staff is amazing; open and friendly but, professional. Dr. Toby puts you at ease right away. I was helped after several visits and told I did not need to come back unless the symptoms returned. I can’t tell you how good it feels to feel good and many thanks goes to Dr. Toby.
Phyllis M.

Well Cared

Dr Tobey was exceptionally warm and knowledgeable. He was willing to take time to listen and ask questions. I felt well cared for and also appreciated that he was warm with my toddler who attended every visit.
Pauline L.

Chiropractic for Life?

I think the reason you go to the chiropractor the rest of your life is not because you have to, but rather that once you discover the great all around health benefits, you want to go. It’s like once you discover that you feel better when you make healthy choices with food, you crave the healthy foods and not the junk any more. Discovering chiropractic care has helped not only myself with migraines to hormonal issues, but has also helped my family make healthier decisions. Also, chiropractors treat the whole person, so you learn healthier ways to live and do the daily things that can lead to injuries.
Sarah S.

Chiropractic Has Improved My Overall Health

What’s been wonderful about the last two years is that by focusing on my health via, healthy eating, working out consistently, Chiropractic care and simply taking my time, my health continues to improve…. Had someone told me I would be much healthier and in much better shape at 31, when I was 25, I would have told them they were crazy…Thanks for your part in keeping me healthy.
Cody M.

Chiropractic helped my back pain!

I originally came into Dr. Tobey’s Office for a business relationship with a local paper I was working for. I explained to him on a personal level I have had a bad back since I was 18, and that I was only 20 years old. I explained how I would like to fix my back problems now, before they became permanent as I got older. My first experience with Dr. Tobey was wonderful.

He took all the time I needed to explain everything, was gentle as could be with my adjustments, and still is. I walked away feeling better, knowing physically and mentally that I had made the right choice for my back care. Not only was he able to adjust my back, he showed me at stretches I could do at home to help me continue towards a healthy lifestyle. Every time I see Dr. Tobey he has a smile on his face, which always seems to brighten my day.

I have and still recommend Dr. Tobey’s office to anyone I come across who is looking for quality back care. Every time I visit him, it makes me feel all around better.
Jenny N.

Resumed an Active Healthy Lifestyle

I came in to see Dr. Tobey in January of 2008 after spending about a year in intractable back and leg pain from a bad fall during the previous winter. I had spent numerous times and appointments with other chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and MRI’s. You name it I tried it.

What impressed me about Dr. Tobey was how he took the special time to research and study my situation and to come up with a specific treatment plan just for me. I went from being severely limited in activities, especially walking and standing, to a normal active lifestyle supported by maintenance visits when I need them. I have referred many to Dr. Tobey and will continue to do so. One of my staff is currently under his care and it makes me feel great to know she is in the best hands possible.
Jim L.

Dr. Michael Tobey is kind and helped relieve my pain!

I’ve been in the music industry for over 20 years and have won a Grammy award with 4 nominations and was on the road for 14 years with a heavy bass guitar strapped to my chest. I averaged 170 shows a year in 23 countries, launching myself into a sea of people every night.

After all those shows and hours upon hours of sitting in tour buses and airplanes, your spine starts yakking at you like it doesn’t like you anymore. Go figure! First time I got a chance to sit down with Dr. Tobey, I knew he was genuinely concerned for my health and well-being as opposed to feeling like just another number. He knew exactly where the problem was coming from and not just where the pain was, so it wasn’t just a temporary fix, but a lifetime fix! He is one of the kindest human beings on the planet and I think I need to take him on the road with me!
Lonnie C.

Headaches are gone!

About twenty years ago, I had constant migraines and pain in my neck and back. Before we moved here, I worked for Ralston Purina, and had been lifting many 20 – 50 pound bags of pet food.

My husband and I met Michael when he first came into town, and we have been going to him ever since. In fact, we used to trade our home grown beef for adjustments!

I rarely have headaches anymore and my back and neck are in good alignment. I go monthly to see him because I live a very active life and seem to know when it’s time. We have acreage and needless to say are constantly working hard to keep the place up. I thank God for Michael and his ability to keep me pain free and able to enjoy life. Over the years we have recommended Dr. Tobey to our friends with the confidence that chiropractic care works.
June B.

Chiropractic provides natural healing!

What first brought me to see Dr. Toby was, and is, an ongoing issue with my hips being rotated and causing serious pain at times.

A friend recommended Dr. Toby. His gentle adjustments and incredible knowledge had me a loyal patient from the get-go. When I go in for adjustments, everyone is very friendly. Dr. Toby always takes the time to not only listen, consult, and treat for any issues, but also makes me feel a part of the family.

I have been seeing a chiropractor for over 13 years and swear by the natural way to fix and heal ailments. Dr. Toby is by far the best Dr. that I have been to in many facets.
Amy P.

Relief after several car accidents!

Over the years, I have been in a few car accidents that have led to pinched nerves. It is quite scary to have different areas of your body numb for long periods of time. Fortunately, with the help of Dr. Tobey, I can feel again, and the best part is that I can afford it!

If you haven’t tried chiropractic care, you should. It’s affordable, and they really do care for their patients and do anything possible to make sure we are in good care.
Allegra B.

Dr. Michael Tobey cares about you and your health!

I have never run across one like Dr. Tobey who wants to actually see x-rays. I went to many other Dr.’s, and no one even mentioned x-ray, even after 4-5 years of back problems. Every day since I first came in to see Dr. Tobey, I’ve been recovering, and getting stronger and stronger. Dr. Tobey really sets the bar high for chiropractic, which I respect. I run my company the same way. It’s hard to find people who really care about what they do, do it because they love it, and are great at it.
Edward H.

Chronic pain is gone!

My first visit to Dr. Tobey came about because my almost 3-year-old grandson, who is now 12, broke his femur. His 2 week visit with Grandma turned into 6 weeks, with the addition of a full body cast. My back went out one morning, and somehow friends and family got me into Dr. Mike’s office immediately.

After several visits I was able to once again get up and down and scoot around on the floor almost as well as young Justin. I have continued my visits over the years to help keep something similar from happening, and to relieve some chronic pain in a less than perfect body. I always feel better after an adjustment and would comfortably recommend Dr. Tobey to anyone. Thank you Dr. Tobey!
Jeanette C.

Chiropractic provides relief for migraines!

I suffered debilitating migraine headaches for years. A friend recommended I see Dr. Tobey for some help. I was dubious because my back and neck felt fine, and to be honest, I was also a little afraid. On my first visit to the office, however, those fears disappeared. Dr. Tobey’s staff was so warm and inviting, and really went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and at home. Dr. Tobey took the time to really explain the connection between spinal health and total, whole body health. My migraines have all but disappeared now and I feel like a new person. Thank you Dr. Tobey!
Mary H.

Dr. Michael Tobey relieved the pain caused by a traumatic car accident!

Dr. Tobey has been the only chiropractor to really help me with my pain issues from a very traumatic car accident. I was referred by another chiropractor who could not help me.

I was in a car accident on Dec. 24th, 2009, which involved a fatality. The injuries and the emotional trauma were very hard on me. On my very first visit with Dr. Tobey, I knew I was at the right place. He listened to my story and took my x-rays and explained what the problem was and what he could do to help me. His empathetic nature and caring attitude go a long way with me. I got relief from the very first visit. I highly recommend Dr. Tobey because he cares and he knows how to help people. He has a great and caring staff and everyone works great together.
Ann G.

Neck pain is gone!

Dr. Tobey was not my first Chiropractor, but he certainly is the best! I came to him with chronic neck issues. After many years of skiing, biking, wakeboarding, kayaking, and “life” I needed a monthly adjustment. It helps me sleep better and participate more in my active life.

For years, my husband had debilitating migraine headaches. After seeing Dr. Tobey for a few adjustments he experienced immediate relief! A maintenance adjustment once a month keeps him healthy.

We both trust Dr. Tobey and often consult with him on other health issues. We look forward to our appointments!
Liz and Dave R.

Chiropractic helps!

I wanted to convey how great it’s been to work with Dr. Tobey and his staff. I’ve had chronic neck and upper back pain for six years due to deterioration in my neck. As a new patient a year ago, I really appreciated Dr. Tobey’s genuine concern and focus on making me stronger, along with addressing the pain issue. I’ve had different chiropractic adjustments but noticed greater improvement with my pain and mobility even after the first visit with Dr. Tobey.

The treatments and advice continue to make a huge difference in my quality of comfort on a daily basis. I’m feeling the best I have in six years. The staff is always friendly, concerned, and helpful, which makes it a very pleasant experience. If you’ve never tried chiropractic, this is a great place to start. The right chiropractic adjustment can make you feel better all over, increase your energy, and help alleviate pain. It’s been a great help to me.
Carol R.


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